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Andrea Provenzani

Andrea Provenzani


After 20 years of profession, Andrea Provenzani’s cuisine is not just a job and neither only a passion: for him, it is an absolute lifestyle. Andrea surely is a leading person and a “party-animal”, with a precise idea of what is right to communicate through his dishes: no compliant lies but great truths, evolution of the raw ingredients and culture. The respect for food, environment and people is his trait and what allows him to be the Chef of IlLiberty, one of the coziest and most loved Restaurant in Milano for more than 15 years.

Cuisine philosophy: what are your creations to you?

My dishes represent my experiences, influences and senses. The ingredient can be from anywhere, but they must be special!

 In which sense food is “feasting together”?

The food and the table are symbols of togetherness: the good cuisine makes us feel happy and creates expectations, which must be fulfilled.

What does “tasting life” mean to you?

Taste, like the other senses, must always be exercised and chosen over quantity, which often makes us feel stuffed but not satisfied.

Is there something for you that ties passion and talent together and keep them alive every day?

Passion has to be always present, felt and must be alimented every day with curiosity and will of improving. Talent is a form of passion even more subtle and it is better to be recognized by others, rather than bragging.

Tell us about your special dish for Taste of Milano, between tradition and innovation:

The red thread between tradition and innovation passes through the desire for the dish to grow together with your vision and own evolution. My special dish is a traditional regional one, but revisited with cocoa butter and beans, with n’duja and with spicy Crusco pepper. I would define it as “contemporary-libetry” because it unifies the style of past and the evolution of a new taste, both in shape and technique.

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