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Giuseppe Postorino

Giuseppe Postorino


Giuseppe Postorino, born in 1985, grew up surrounded by the traditions and aromas of Calabria, the homeland of his father. In 2013 he starts as the Sous-Chef of the Da Noi In Restaurantin Milano, becoming subsequently the Executive Chefand creating a new contemporary cuisine that always respects Italian tradition.

Cuisine philosophy: what are your creations to you?

They depict my memories, my path, the travels and all those experiences that made me who I am.

Emotions that everyday turn into ingredients for my dishes.

In which sense food is “feasting together”?

The Italian eating culture and traditions have always been the bases for a cuisine that ties and brings together friends and family around a table. A sublime moment and way to share stories and sensations.

What does “tasting life” mean to you?

It is a philosophical approach that we apply on our clients, so they can always “taste life” by us.

Is there something for you that ties passion and talent together and keep them alive every day?

Inside a kitchen, inspiration is sometimes instinctive, sometimes well-constructed. The good part of the culinary art is exactly its unpredictability: a strong idea that most of the times goes beyond everything, because it arises from the extreme love for this job.

Tell us more about your cuisine, between tradition and innovation:
Tradition is something fundamental in my cuisine, where the attention and the research of prime ingredients are above everything. Innovation is something very instinctual to me, almost natural. To join tradition and innovation with different techniques is my first aim. My dish must contain taste, elegance and technique.

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