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Stefano Cerveni and Matteo Ferrario

Stefano Cerveni and Matteo Ferrario


Cuisine philosophy: what are your creations to you?
Cuisine is made of both material and emotional ingredients.
I cook trying to respect every raw ingredient because all of them are a precious good.
Plus, there is my passion and strong desire to move whoever tastes my dishes.

In which sense food is “feasting together”?
Food is pure sharing; it brings everyone together around a table to eat and being together, enjoying the taste and wellness that derive from it.
Thus, eating together around a table is already feasting…
Now the only thing missing is a good wine!

What is “enjoying life” for you?
Being able to fulfill my dreams and having fun at the same time… even though having fun sometimes is “simply” be exited for a new ingredient, a colleague’s creation or a wine…

Is there something for you that ties passion and talent together and keep them alive every day?
The sense of responsibility: every day I work hard with my staff because there are clients which drives kilometers to come to us, and we must not make them regret it.

Tell us about your special dish, between tradition and innovation:
I had the privilege to meet the Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, never working for him but as a client and a friend, knowing him as a person before knowing him as a Chef.
This dish is my own interpretation of his caviar and chives cold spaghetti.
The thing that fascinated me the most was its overwhelming balance and its clean taste.
My dish depicts the sea, enhancing the intensity of flavor through sea urchin and “mazzancolle” shrimps and serving it at body temperature, so the perception of every detail can be complete.

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